Please be advised that all ACSA offices will be closed on Friday, April 3rd, 2015, and will reopen the morning of Tuesday, April 7th for the Easter long weekend.
Downloads & Media
Bulk Order Forms - CSTS: Members/Associate Members; Non-members; RSTS: Members/Associate Members; Non-members; PCST: Click Here; ESTS: Members/Associate Members; Non-members

Sample forms: Field Level Hazard Assessment (FLHA); Health and Safety Toolbox Meeting; Work Site Safety Inspection; LSE Proficiency Blank Forms; Incident Investigation Report; All Forms

Overhead Powerline Contact Awareness Presentation (zip file) - This flash presentation was produced by the ACSA as an introductory orientation to the hazards surrounding powerline contacts. This is a non-certification, awareness only, presentation that may be used by any interested party.

ePHSM Sample Forms - These are sample forms that can be adapted to work within your company's Health & Safety manual.

New Audit Protocol - This is a "Read Only" copy of the new audit protocol.

Audit Interview Chart - Effective Immediately - This is the current standard for determining a representative interview sample.

Worker Interview Questions / Manager/Supervisor Interview Questions - From the newly revised audit document (effective January 2013), click to download the appropriate interview summary sheet.

Alberta Residential Construction Safety Guide - The Safety Guide is available to anyone in residential construction, and is to be used by builders and renovators in partnership with their trades. There is also a section that applies only to builders and renovators as the prime contractor(s) in charge

SECOR Evaluation - Small Employer Health & Safety Management System Evaluation Tool - This is the most current version of the Small Employer Evaluation, please read the document and its guidelines thoroughly as there have been some recent updates and additional requirements.

Hazard Assessment & Communications - This form meets the required standard of the Hazard Assessment Element and if filled out completely can meet the Contracting Services section of the document. This form applies to the SECOR Program only.

Contractor Questionnaire - Used to meet the requirements of Element 13 Contracting Services. This form applies to the SECOR Program only.

Emergency Response Drill PDF file Word file - A general form used to record the results of an emergency response drill. This form applies to the SECOR Program only.

WHMIS and Flag Summary Sheet - This is the Summary Sheet for WHMIS and Flagperson worker. Send in this form if you would like the ACSA to keep track of your trained employees or if you would like ACSA trained typed wallet cards. No further documentation other than this summary sheet is required.
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Please click on the name of the video you wish to watch. All links will open a YouTube page and start playing. Please click on the name of the video you wish to watch. All links will open a YouTube page and start playing.
➔ Toolbox Brochures
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ACSA Product Brochure Safety Meeting Brochure Eye Protection Brochure
Grinder Brochure Crane Signal Brochure Safety Reverse Brochure
Gas Cylinders Brochure Rolling Scaffold Brochure Handling Fires Brochure
Equipment Guard Brochure Spray Painting Brochure Lifting and Loading Brochure
Signs Barricades Brochure Radiation Brochure Safeway Scaffold Brochure
Fire Extinguisher Brochure Step Ladder Brochure Power Saw Brochure
Manual Lifting Brochure Housekeeping Brochure Electrical Equipment Brochure
Swing Stages Brochure Construction Fires Brochure Chainsaws Brochure
Material Handling Storage Brochure Preventing Slips Trips Falls Brochure Overhead Powerlines Brochure
Head Protection Brochure Ground Workers Brochure Handling Serious Incidents Brochure
PPE Brochure Gas Detection Brochure Residential Roofing Brochure
Confined Space Brochure Safe Trenching Brochure Underground Facilities Brochure
Hazardous Energy Brochure Locking out Brochure High Pressure Water blasting Brochure
Protective Footwear Brochure Respiratory Protection Brochure Fall Protection Brochure
Hearing Protection Brochure Traffic Control Persons Brochure MSDS Brochure
Extension Ladders Brochure Working in Cold Brochure Working in Heat Brochure

➔ Tip Sheets
Please click on the name you wish to download. All Files download as a PDF file, which can be read with Adobe Reader.
Toe-boards Say "Eye" To Safety Without Guardrails
Open Grave Vertical Stacks Toolbox Talks
Flagging Wear PPE Confined Space Entry
High Pressure Water Blasting Macho Workers: A Dying Breed Keep a Lid on It
Don't Get a Charge!!! Pre-start Inspections Hearing Equipment
Team of Two Drive Defensively On-the-Job Training
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Contact Electricity Lift Properly
Poor Housekeeping Steel Toes Save Real Toes Seeing is Believing
Everyone Locks Clown Acts Emergency Preparedness
Propane Safety Be Part of the Team - Not Part of the Road