Construction Safety Training System (CSTS-09) Upgrade

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The ACSA has released a new version of Construction Safety Training System (CSTS-09) with new video, graphics and new and updated course content. An upgrade is being made available for those interested in upgrading their certification to the new version. All students who have completed CSTS v3.2 between Jan. 1st, 2004 and October 31st, 2010 and have an ACSA registered completion certificate will be able to take this online course free of charge. The training is done individually and will take, on average, 1.5 - 2 hours to complete. Students who complete the upgrade course will receive a CSTS-09U certificate from the ACSA.

Please be aware that the ACSA will only issue certificates for the CSTS-09 Upgrade course to those that have a registered CSTS v3.2 certificate, as described above. If your CSTS certificate is issued by another organization you will need to discuss your access with them.

Cost per student:
Associate Member:

Lessons & Topics Include:

Your Worksite and the Law
  • Employer Responsibility
  • Employee Responsibility
Personal Physical Care and Conduct
  • Fitness for Work
  • Working Outdoors
  • Fatigue Management
  • Stretching and Micro-Breaks
  • Back Care
  • Personal Conduct
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Alcohol and Drugs Guidelines / Work Rule
Field Level Hazard Assessment
  • What is FLHA
  • STOP and Think
  • Look and Find Hazards
  • Assess Hazards
  • Controlling Hazards
  • Resume Work
Defensive Driving
  • The Basics
  • Impairments
  • Animals
  • Loading Vehicles
  • Cell Phones and Other Communication Devices
Access Information:

You will require the following information to self-register in the Upgrade course:

System Requirements:

It should be possible to get CSTS-09 running on a system with the following minimum hardware specification, although it is unlikely that the system would perform optimally. CSTS-09 should perform optimally on a computer with the following hardware specification.