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ACSA Offices closed for Canada Day
Please be advised that our Edmonton, Calgary and Fort McMurray offices will be closed on Friday July 1, 2016 for Canada Day. We will re-open ... Read more »
30 June 2016

Lakeland RSC 'Treads of Life' in the News
Over 40 bikers donned their leathers and kick started their engines at the Lakeland RSC 'Treads of Life' Motorbike Run over the weekend. The ... Read more »
20 June 2016

WCB-Alberta Review
The WCB is being reviewed for the first time in 15 years and we are encouraging all of industry to have input in the preparation of the Review ... Read more »
15 June 2016

WCB Surplus Dividend Cheques
During the week of June 13, ACSA members will receive surplus dividend cheques from the WCB. These surplus dividends are triggered when the WCB’s ... Read more »
13 June 2016

Classes cancelled in Fort McMurray
Our thoughts are with the community of Fort McMurray and the many surrounding towns in the region, who over the past few weeks have been traumatized ... Read more »
7 June 2016

ACSA partners with the Aboriginal CAREERS Explorers Academy
The Aboriginal CAREERS Explorers Academy provides youth the opportunity to experience actual work site conditions and be exposed to a variety ... Read more »
7 June 2016

Regional Safety Committee Updates
The ACSA regularly interacts with employers and employees in construction through our eight Regional Safety Committees (RSCs), located in Calgary, ... Read more »
7 June 2016

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